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Join us for 3 Conscious Living Workshops

We believe that conscious living leads to global transformation! If we truly want to make a difference in the world we start by searching deep inside our own hearts.

Click on the "pillars" of Conscious Living and find free videos for each of the topics. If you choose to take the workshop simply click "add to bag" and you will immediately receive the digital course materials.

Each workshop is different. Materials may include recipes or cooking instructions, music and meditation assignments, or life purpose development worksheets. Prepare to go through a great transition as you expand your journey towards higher consciousness.

Each Workshop Stands Alone

The seven workshops cause shifts in your perspective to building greater capacity and deeper understanding on their respective topics.

Inward Focus

Like the torus, we focus our energy inward first and then send it outward. We become more aware of our own blocks to progress and remove them.

Outward Focus

We are living at a time when the internet makes it possible to communicate with every inch of the globe and become more aware of others.

Life Transformation Leads to Global Transformation, One Step Closer to a Utopian Society Today!

What is Global Transformation?

Global Transformation is the way a society evolves to greater awareness all at the same time through campaigns and current events.

Global Transformation leads to a Utopian Society where every person is treated with dignity and given all they need to reach their fullest potential.

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