Health, Wealth and Happiness

What is your highest priority today?

We must TRANSITION if we truly hope to THRIVE.


  Elevate Your Energy
conscious cookbooks


Reduce Your Stress
 Life Purpose


  Find Divine Direction
Divine Direction


What do you want to create today?



Why not all three?

-Transform your life, your health, your finances and start living your life purpose!

-Allow each module to lead to the next

-Complete the assignment and receive the next

-Go at your own pace


-Get a brand new start

-Set exciting goals towards your life purpose

-Organize your health in body, mind and spirit into one seamless system

-Learn the power of creativity, singing and dancing to elevate your energy!

-This Certification is very easy to complete and very uplifting to do.

-Earn money as a 3DCoach while you continue through the rest of the modules.

-Change your energy, change your life!




A new DIET

-Improve the quality of your meals for those you love

-Learn how to transform your favorite fast food meals to healthy vegetarian recipes. Transform favorites from MacDonalds, Taco Bell, Panda Express, and Pizza Hut to nutritious meals your family will love!

-Reduce your food bill by buying whole foods in bulk including grains, beans, nuts and seeds.

-Earn money helping people set up their kitchen and their meal planning system.

-Change your diet, change your energy!




A new DAY!

-Learn how to leverage the internet

-Understand E-Commerce and internet marketing

-Equalize the Economy, assist the unemployed and under employed

-Set yourself free to develop your life purpose

-Help design a utopian society that work in cooperation rather than “crushing the competition.”

-Earn money helping people gain financial freedom.

-Change your energy, change the world!





7 MODULES in each Academy

7 Steps to
Life Transformation

7 Steps to
Diet Transformation

7 Steps to
Global Transformation

ALIGNING with ABUNDANCE Converting America’s Favorite Foods Abundant Assets
BELIEVE in your BODY Setting Up Your Kitchen Bestowing Benefits
CONNECTION with the voice inside Planting a few seeds Connection and Collaboration
DIVINE DAILY DIRECTION Replacing White Flour Developing Divine Direction
ELEVATE your EMOTIONAL ENERGY Replacing Meat and Dairy Empowering Enterprises
FREEDOM to FORGIVE and FORGET Making Dry Mixes Ahead Financial Freedom and Fulfillment
GIVING with GRACE and GRATITUDE Replacing White Sugar Global Giving


Three academies in one:

Weekly Video Blog by Teré Foster

A few comments about the Pathway to Utopia – Wealth Academy


Just knowing that you are not alone when you feel a lack of energy or a low self esteem helps to elevate your emotions and change your direction. We start with happiness before addressing any other goal. It’s very important to understand that happiness is not circumstantial. It will not come “some day” when you have health and wealth. It starts right now as you learn to elevate your emotions and take your thoughts captive. Hush the negative voices in your head that say that you are not good enough or not strong enough or not worthy of happiness. Like screening your phone calls, you must screen the voices in your head, and only take the ones that are positive and encouraging. These voices make up your “divine team” and will work with you 24 hours a day if you ask. We help you identify and develop your life purpose that will later be your source of WEALTH. Enroll in the HAPPINESS ACADEMY and get started today!


Most of us realize that the American Diet is not the most nutritious of diets, causing steady weight gain while bringing a steady decline towards illness and disease. When we align our diet with the laws of nature we feel an immediate lift in energy and begin to heal from head to toe. The ACADEMY FOR CONSCIOUS COOKS teaches seven steps to a more conscious diet. One step at a time we transform the American Diet into a Conscious Diet, by taking recipes from favorite fast food restaurants and transforming them to whole foods that spring from the ground. Meals that look, taste and smell like Pizza Hut, MacDonalds, Taco Bell, Panda Express, Mongoilan BBQ, Greek Gyros and Bombay Bowl, can all be whipped up with healthy recipes that Americans will love. If you have made the decision to become a conscious eater, avoiding toxic substances and focusing on “real food”, you know how hard it is to convince your loved ones to do the same. Our transition program is designed to be as painless as possible with meals your family will love. This simple program reduces your food bill and saves you time while helping you to lose weight and elevate your energy level. This is the first of many programs to improve health in our HEALTH ACADEMY. Enroll now and begin your adventure into a more conscious diet today!


The answer to just about any question can be found on the internet. This giant collective consciousness suddenly united us into a global community. Because of this access to the nearly 7 billion people on planet earth, there is literally something for everyone when it comes to online income producing opportunities. People search the internet thousands of times per second with the words, “MAKE MONEY ONLINE.” We answer to that common human goal to not only make ends meet, but to have wealth with no limits. We developed the third academy, PATHWAY TO UTOPIA. After some research and trial and error, we started by combining several of the endless choices of online software programs. Some are free and some have small monthly fees that are well worth the money. Then we found a training program that provides you with the education you need to create wealth online. We intend to continue to add more and more online income offers that will help you to combine your job, your career, your gifts and your purpose into one opportunity to serve humanity.Our WEALTH ACADEMY will take you from the simple step by step training to “make money online” to the larger vision of monetizing your gifts and fulfilling your life purpose. It used to be the only way to create this kind of wealth was through formal education that required an investment of thousands of dollars and many, many years. Now the internet and all of the free or inexpensive programs offered have equalized the playing field making it possible for stay-home-moms, unemployed dads, young entrepreneurs or high school drop-outs to quickly leverage the power of the internet and turn their financial world around. If you have a computer you can do this. It starts with $25 a month for the downline software, $10 a month for the simplified marketing program and some investment dollars for online advertising and away you go. Build any business with this invaluable education. This is just the first of many money making programs in our WEALTH ACADEMY. Join us on the PATHWAY TO UTOPIA and start making money online today!




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    May 5, 2014 at 2:17 am

    It was a pleasure chatting with you today. I will keep in touch and let’s share insights. Bless you and keep you.

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