Three “Ds” of Transformation

Divine Direction conscious cookbooks IAmUtopia

Reduce Your Stress

-Get a brand new start

-Set exciting goals

-Organize your health in body, mind and spirit into one seamless system

-This Certification is very easy to complete and very uplifting to do first.

-Earn money as a 3DCoach while you continue through the rest of the modules.


3DHealth.Net Life Coach  Certification
Add to your resume and your services

Elevate Your Energy

-Learn how to convert your favorite meals to vegetarian recipes.

-Change your diet, change your life!

-Eliminate your food bill

-Protect the environment

-Improve the quality of your meals for those you love


Conscious Cook Certification
Add to your resume and your menu

Develop your Life Purpose

-Develop your own piece of the puzzle

-Find those who will stand with you

-Shift to a Utopian world view

-Join and assist global transformation

-Combine your job, your career, your gifts and your purpose into one opportunity to serve humanity.


Contribute to the growing community of utopians.

7 MODULES in each Academy

7 Steps to
Life Transformation

7 Steps to
Diet Transformation

7 Steps to
Global Transformation

ALIGN Body, Mind and Spirit Converting America’s Favorite Foods Aligning Abundant Assets
BELIEVE in your Body Setting Up Your Kitchen Bestowing Benefits
CONNECT with the voice Planting a few seeds Connection and Collaboration
DIVINE DIRECTION Replacing White Flour Developing Divine Direction
ELEVATE your ENERGY Replacing Meat and Dairy Empowering Enterprises
FREEDOM to FORGIVE and FORGET Making Dry Mixes Ahead Fortifying Festivities
GIVING with GRACE and GRATITUDE Replacing White Sugar Gifted Governance

Enroll in the 3DHealth.Net Academy!

-Allow each module to lead to the next

-Complete the assignment and receive the next

-Go at your own pace

-Transform your life


Complete the academy in one year.

Earn income as a Life Transformation Coach


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